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E.C. Ransom E. Olds Transportation Museum

E.C. Ransom E. Olds Transportation Museum - Travis...

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Travis Marschner HST 306-001 E.C. Museum R.E. Olds Transportation Museum: The R. E. Olds Transportation museum opened in August 1981 to showcase the Lansing’s transportation history. The museum is housed in the former Capital Area Transportation Authority garage. When I arrived at the museum I was shocked at how much information one could absorb being that there are numerous exhibits. The picture located above is the sign at the front of the transportation museum. Before going into the museum one can read a green sign that tells the story of the Curved Dash Oldsmobile Runabout (as shown on the right). The production began on December 16, 1901. The model was first produced in Detroit in 1900, then production shifted to Lansing after a fire destroyed the Detroit plant. The Runabout built from 1900-1904 was the first car to carry the name Oldsmobile. The car had a 66-inch wheelbase, weighing in at 650 pounds, and was powered by a one- cylinder, seven horsepower engine with a cost of $650. In 1905, it inspired Gus Edwards to write the song, “In My Merry Oldsmobile”. The Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the first mass-produced car in America. The car was the first car to be built on a progressive assembly system with overhead machine shafts that drive the machinery used in the chassis assembly line in 1901. In October of 1901, Roy Chapin, who would later become the head of Hudson Motor Company, drove the Curved Dash from Detroit to the New York Auto Show. The trip took 7 ½ days, and 30 gallons of gas. But it was worth it because the trip resulted in 750 orders for new Curved Dashes. In 1905, the
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new management of Olds Motor Works, staged the first transcontinental race. Two Curved Dash Runabouts made the trip from New York City to Portland, Oregon in 44
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E.C. Ransom E. Olds Transportation Museum - Travis...

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