IAH 202 Europe and the World Final Paper

IAH 202 Europe and the World Final Paper - Travis Marschner...

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Travis Marschner Dr. Hoolihan IAH 202 Final Paper The Big Hand of Europe: A Powerful Force Europe is a powerful force in the world economy. These countries started the world economy about 500 years ago 1 . There are a few major European countries that played a key role during the 16 th century that include: Spain, Portugal, Austria, Prussia, Russia, England, and France. The countries of Europe were all connected either by land or water and were fighting over power. This fight over power made them exponentially stronger than the rest of the world. Technology and advanced sailing techniques perpetuated the movement into power. Europe was unique because all these countries were hungry for the fame of being a world authority in this new economy. They gained power because of the eagerness of controlling the sea trade, in turn, the economy and flow of resources. The resources included gold, spices, and minerals. At the forefront of the expedition for gold and spices was Spain and Portugal. These two countries were battling for global power over the sea trade routes. Both countries had advanced sailing techniques, reliable ship building, and great gun powder weapons 2 . The Spaniards and Portuguese thought that the world was round and did not know how big it was, so they sailed the Atlantic in search of pepper and spices. Europe wanted to control every port and control trade during the 16 th century in the Indian Ocean. For the Portuguese, the profits were enormous and this led to the title of “Portuguese Empire”. They wanted to get wealthy by controlling trade. Spain went west and 1 Lecture from Monday, May 17, 2010; Introduction: The World in 1500. 2 Ibid.
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Columbus wanted to find China. Columbus landed in the Bahamas and then the Americas 3 . He thought that he was in India and called the people “Indians”. Portugal discovered Brazil and much like other Europeans in the Americas they enslaved the citizens for gold mining. At this time, spices and gold were more profitable adding to the power that Europe had over the rest of the world. Spain and Portugal were battling over land, so the decision was left to the Pope. The Treaty of Tordesillas of 1493 splitting S. America in half leaving the northern portion for Portugal and the southern for Spain 4 . European countries are the only ones that want to control the sea trade and have power over the rest of the world. Spain was the first to arrive in the Americas.
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IAH 202 Europe and the World Final Paper - Travis Marschner...

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