SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #1

SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #1 -...

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Travis Marschner SOC 100: 730 Homework Assignment #1 Dr. Choudhury 1.) Empirical is research that is used based on numbers and solid facts that cannot be disputed based on statistics and objective observations. Empirical research it is the basis for sociologists. It takes the “guesswork” out of interpreting observations made by other sociologists. Collecting empirical research can be tricky because the sociologist must be wary not to draw conclusions based on guesswork, hunches, custom, superstition, common sense, or how they would like the world to be. Theory is a complicated word with a very practical definition. In the book, Henslin shows how it is easy to interpret what theory is using a practical example of everyday life to break down the barrier that every student has with trying to understand theory . Sociologists use theory in a more arduous fashion than everyday life theory. They use the empirical research gathered and weave it into existing sociological frameworks. The first type of theory is called symbolic interactionism that deals with what we already know and hold dear along with their various meanings. For example, my first car is an object that represents something special. The meaning of this is that it shows my independence to be able to afford a brand new car. Symbolic interactionism has three major themes: (1) human beings have a self; (2) people construct meanings, and act on the basis of those meaning; and (3)
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SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #1 -...

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