SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #3

SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #3 -...

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Travis Marschner SOC 100: 730 Homework Assignment #3 Dr. Choudhury 1.) Anna and Isabelle’s cases are different in their socialization pattern. Anna was born in a private nursing home and brought back to her grandfather’s house where she was not wanted. She moved from home to home and was not wanted anywhere. She was then shoved into the grandfather’s attic after some coercion. Her mother had her strapped to an infant seat that during the day and then at night she was not able to move in her bed. Her mother gave her nothing, but cow’s milk for her nourishment. She had serious ailments that included impetigo, vaginitis, umbilical hernia and a skin rash. She did not learn anything from her mother because she was a sturdy 180 pounds that worked on the farm doing manual labor. After six years of life like that she could not function she was extremely emaciated, and had a bloated abdomen. Once Anna was found and put into a private home for retarded children she seemed to increase slightly in intelligence. According to Charles Horton Cooley and George Herbert Mead, her first step in the symbolic interaction theory was taking the role of the other. For example, she would take after her other peers and was able to bounce and catch a ball and was said to conform to group socialization. Anna did not grow and mature as expected. In her defense she was born illegitimately and her father was in his late ages which did not favor Anna’s chance
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SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #3 -...

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