SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #5

SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #5 -...

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Travis Marschner SOC 100: 730 Homework Assignment #5l Dr. Choudhury 1.) Sunitha Krishnan is a brave woman who had adapted and overcame her challenging times. She talks about victims of the sex trafficking and sex industry of little boys and girls and women. These victims are so badly mistreated and our society views them in a negative way when they try to get out of this lifestyle. Some people as Krishnan said are forced into this industry and some do it out of their own free will. Society views people trying to come out of this industry negatively. These deviant situations are normalized because society views it as of their own free will and just wanted to make “easy money”. In third world countries it is easier to see this happening because there is not a job market or prosperous economy. In turn, people look for different modes of employment such as selling their three and four year olds for child pornography or for sex solicitation. Older women try to get into this industry to help pay for their children’s food, shelter and clothing. 2.) In the Martin and Hummer reading, the authors state that “assessing a pledge’s ability to talk to women is a preoccupation with homosexuality and conscious avoidance of men who seem to have effeminate manners or qualities”. In the interpretation, qualities of a pledge are not always based on those stereotypical qualities of people that can drink and are athletic. Prime example, I
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SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #5 -...

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