SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #6

SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #6 -...

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Travis Marschner SOC 100-730 Homework Assignment #6 Dr. Choudhury 1.) Davis-Floyd’s idea that technological integration of social institutions gradually transforms human lives into the Weberian notion of “iron cage,” is plausible. The example from the reading of child-birth shows that like a fourth-year medical student put it like an assembly line where a birth must take place within 26 hours. This simply cold- hard fact that everyone sees is shocking. Women are not inferior to men and should not be pushed through the hospital like a method of production. People are becoming more and more desensitized and linked to technology rather than the person. In the reading it said that once the fetal monitor was hooked up all of the hospital staff just looked at that rather than the mother. Nowadays, people are getting more impersonal due to the advancement of technology and birth is looking like a ritual process that is embedded in society not naturally, but a product of institutions and science. Today’s society is so fast paced and based on technology that people do not realize technological advances might lead to birth complications. A woman lying on her back cuts the circulation to the baby off and lowers the amount of oxygen getting to the fetus which may cause birth defects. Then when a mother (in labor) asks for a pain relieving drip via IV, a hormone called pitocin is administered to speed up the effects of the labor slowing pain reliever. This is an up and down battle. Birth should not be left or any issue should not be left to a
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SOC 100-730 Travis Marschner Homework Assignment #6 -...

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