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WHAT IS COMPETITIVE INTELLEGENCE? gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about your offerings, customers, competitors and various aspects of your market to support executives and managers in making strategic decisions based on facts. It results from the effective process of gathering information, converting it into intelligence and then utilizing the intelligence in business decision making and positioning. Competitive Intelligence is more than just analyzing your competitors — it is gathering intelligence to make your organization more competitive relative to its entire environment and stakeholders: customers, prospects, competitors, distributors, technologies, macro-economic data, etc. Obtaining Competitive Intelligence enables companies to proactively identify risks and opportunities in the market and gain or retain an edge over the competition. Competitive Intelligence is a key component of successful organizations. WHAT KIND OF COMPETITIVE INTELLEGENCE DOES MARKET AWARENESS PROVIDE? Market Awareness has been helping customers increase their revenues since 2006. Objectively gathering and analyzing intelligence is the sole focus of our business. The intelligence that we uncover is founded on a methodology that has 5 core pillars. The intelligence has to be strategic, unbiased, actionable, measurable and repeatable. There is no other firm out there that does what Market Awareness has perfected. Our vital intelligence allows companies to stop guessing at what they think they are doing right or wrong and obtain unbiased strategic intelligence that is immediately actionable, measureable and repeatable.
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