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Chapter+9+Discussion+Questions+-+SV - labor budget 10 The...

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Chapter 9 – Profit Planning - Discussion Questions 1. How are budgets used in the planning and control functions? 2. What is a strategic plan, and how does it relate to short and long term goals? 3. What is a master budget? What are the components of an operating budget? Of a  financial budget? 4. What are two advantages of budgeting? 5. All budgets depend on the sales budget.  Is this true?  Explain. 6. How is the sales budget calculated? 7. How is the production budget calculated? 8. Which budget is prepared in units only?  Why? 9. How do you convert the production budget for the raw materials budget? The direct 
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Unformatted text preview: labor budget? 10. The overhead budget is broken down into what two components? 11. What does the ending finished goods budget provide? 12. What is the starting point for the selling and administrative budget? 13. The financial budgets consist of what three budgets? 14. What are the basic components of a cash budget? 15. What type of items will you NOT find on a cash budget? 16. What is participative budgeting? Discuss some of its advantages. 17. Describe two different behaviors that can adversely affect the budgeting process....
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