Tip 6 (Commonly misspelled words)

Tip 6 (Commonly misspelled words) - presence ends with...

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Sales Students, This week’s tip is a list of commonly misspelled words. Look at them carefully. address noun and verb Spell address with a double d . apparent adjective There is a double p in apparent but only one r ; the ending is –ent committee noun Spell committee with a double m , a double t , and a double e at the end. definite adjective Remember that definite ends with -ite . Related word: definitely adverb desperate adjective Spell desperate with -per- in the middle. immediate adjective Spell immediate and the related word immediacy with a double m . Related word: immediately adverb independent adjective and noun Remember that independent always ends with -ent . Tip: she's an independ ent ag ent . Related word: independence noun presence noun Remember that
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Unformatted text preview: presence ends with -ence . Related word: present adjective recommend verb Spell recommend and the related word recommendation with a single c and a double m . restaurant noun Remember that restaurant is spelled with -au-between the t and r : it is a French word. separate verb and adjective Remember that separate is spelled with -par-in the middle. unfortunately adverb Spell unfortunately with -ately at the end (it is made up of the adjective unfortunate plus the ending -ly ). withhold verb (withholds, withholding, withheld) Remember that withhold is spelled with a double h (it is made up of the words with and hold ) Have a great week!...
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Tip 6 (Commonly misspelled words) - presence ends with...

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