Mini Paper-1 - Karina Santana May 18, 2011 Latin Diaspora...

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Karina Santana May 18, 2011 Latin Diaspora Characteristics of Dominicans in Washington Heights The Unites States is known for the immigration of millions of people worldwide. Among these people there is a huge population that came from the Dominican Republic. This population migrated here in two great waves. The first was in the early 1960's and the second in during the 90's. These Dominicans came to reside in an area named Washington Heights, located in Upper Manhattan. It is also known as Plata no City for those whom live there. In this small area, most Dominicans will feel as if they were back home in the Dominican Republic, this is probably because they are surrounded by their people and family. Washington Heights to many may seem rowdy and dangerous, but to me its what I call home. Walking into the grocery store, everyone refers to themselves as “primo” which means cousin, but its our polite way to greet those whom we known for years. All of the small businesses around are owned by Dominican Entrepreneurs, whom each have their own story of how they made it to this country and started their own business. As we all know most immigrants migrate to the United States in search for a better life for themselves and their families, while some came to escape oppression, most Dominicans in Washington Heights came to escape poverty. In coming here, they settled in two major
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Mini Paper-1 - Karina Santana May 18, 2011 Latin Diaspora...

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