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190 paper - Maryam Oda Professor Ted Striphas CMCL 190...

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Professor Ted Striphas CMCL 190 October 7, 2011 Rebecca In conforming to the montage of Classical Hollywood Style, Alfred Hitchcock set out to create an interesting narrative film that was concise and that consisted of seamless cuts and edits (Striphas, 9/12/11). In the scene that I am analyzing in particular, he wanted to construct a mise- en-scène, or narrative and visual theme, of what I believe to be a happy fairytale turned into a grave nightmare filled with suspicion, and curiosity. The scene begins with a medium shot of Mr. and Mrs. De Winter conversing about the recent visit of Mr. De Winter’s sister. A medium shot is a shot that is far enough that you are able to conceptualize the context of the scene and close enough so that you are able to view the emotions of the characters. With this shot, the audience is able to see the happiness the couple is experiencing while they are together. In the background, the audience can also hear the sound of non-diegetic music, which is sound that the audience can hear in the film, but the actors are oblivious to. This happy presents in the film continues as the camera presents Jasper, the De Winter’s dog, into the scene in a medium shot. The De Winters then propose to walk around the estate of Mr. De winter, and they begin to walk down the walkway. As they are walking the music’s pitch, or degree of loudness or lowness becomes louder and the timbre, or tonality, becomes more up- beat up. As they are walking, Jasper begins to wonder off by himself, which is displayed in the form of both long, and tracking shots. The tracking shot is a shot where the base of the camera fallows the character as they are moving. The long shot is a shot that is more focused on the
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190 paper - Maryam Oda Professor Ted Striphas CMCL 190...

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