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Christopher Webb Prof. J.H. Stanfield, II A-407 African American and African Protest Strategies March 28, 2011 Take Home Exam In a formal identification of a person, most humans will identify a person by color instead of what the person had on or there facial features. Socially humans today only can categorize and label, which can often be misunderstood, yet disown the ever existence of their own heritage just because they don’t want to be looked at that way. Socially the world is filled with hypocritical thinkers who only see a glass window, but shy away from mirrors. There is no right or wrong in terms of claiming a race or putting people in a box, just that we all need to look at ourselves instead of scapegoating to get ahead in life which so often can become a sickness of excuses in realities little world. Race, from growing up on the east coast was more of a social problem rather than a color issue for me and all other African Descents In the area. The article of “Key Sociological Terms” described race as a manufacturing of the socially constructed dehumanizing categories in a process called race-making and race changing, so I guess a manifestation of what race was intended to be, fell into my lap as a kid. Growing up barely seeing any color besides brown, can of course stir up a psyche that can put white people in the box by watching TV or hearing my family rant all day about whites being “elitist”. Being a kid, everything is “water” and usually this Is one of the times were humans actually focus heavily on things without arguing whether it’s correct, therefore, everything becomes a bias and we are just sponges soaking it up. It’s not
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hard to figure out, history books of people that look just like me in shackles and then when you mom comes to pick you up from a school that is grotesque outside and in, all you wonder is what is on the other side. You suddenly grow to be curious and as you find yourself in a good situation to finally see that side in which you always dreamt of, nice houses, people of pale like skin outside gardening, riding bikes, nice basketball courts and green land, how can you not feel envious. Not by a racial point of view but as a boy that claims a social structure such as “ghetto”, seeing a suburban area of nothing but people who don’t look like me, directed me straight into my history books. Those same people riding bikes and in these nice areas were recognizable on those
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Take Home Quiz - Christopher Webb Prof J.H Stanfield II...

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