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analysis - speak faster in order to compensate for the...

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As I reflect on my initial speech, and then view this video, I feel that I have improved greatly. I originally I came into this class thinking that I was already good at speaking, and that there would not be anything that I would learn in this class. It wasn’t until I purchased a dictionary that I learned a lot of what I have been saying was phonetically incorrect. In this particular presentation, I felt that I did an alright job, but that I can definitely do better. I noticed some awkward pauses in my video which made it a little uncomfortable to watch at times. I felt that my volume, stress, and pauses were put to good use; however I felt that my rate could improve a little. At times I noticed that when I would get stuck on an idea, I would
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Unformatted text preview: speak faster in order to compensate for the random pause. I also noticed that I mispronounced some words. Some words that I mispronounced were “certain,” wrong, an also the word “important.” Overall I feel that I have improved from the information that I gained in this class. This class taught me that it’s not only important to think about what you’re going to say, but we also need to think of the way the words are coming out of our mouth’s. I feel that I have improved since my first vocal presentation. I feel that with a little practice and preparation, I a better speaker....
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