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Charlie Chaplin classic - Charlie Chaplin classic, Modern...

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Charlie Chaplin classic, Modern Times 10-3-11 There is a n extreme close up in the begging of the film, of a clock, that helps how the time go by. And as the credits are displayed. There was music played very loud at the also. He films a close up of animals moving, people walking fast through the street. Medium shot of the machinery used to mass produce items. He films medium shots of men working on the assembly line, displaying how they used to. /the music. There really isn’t a story lin. In the beginning the film is kind of slow. Not much of a story line. The film goes from the man talking 2ho appears often on the television screen, to the men in the factory , and they are not talking, but it seems almost as a mime show, where they are interaction vith each other but without and words. There is music that play during the silent interactions. The volume is a a normal sound. Not to loud, not to low. They begin to test a machine on one of the factory workers in order to see if it is functionable. During those silent scenes, the camera will cut to a screen that will show text as to what the people are saying. They show an filming to to what is supposed to be the inside of the machine, when one of the workers went inside of it. They showed and extreme close up to the lady who was walking toward the worker when he was trying to tighten everything that looked
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Charlie Chaplin classic - Charlie Chaplin classic, Modern...

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