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Christopher Webb CMCL 190: Introduction to Communication Professor Church April 19, 2011 Critical Essay For my critical essay I will be analyzing Dave Chappelle’s episode Frontline, about the racially confused Clayton Bigsby, I believe it was a negative white representation. Chappelle I think included both representations but making white people and more importantly white southerners who people call rednecks as being ignorant as many believe it to be. Chappelle didn’t include the African American perspective by showing the often criticism of African American social conflicts. Bigsby was often challenging the argument of race in terms of what white supremacy so often argued and were associated with, making it more interesting than negative or positive. It seem as though Dave Chappelle was somewhat being racist towards white people and stereotyping them in a sense, because if it was the other way around it would been deemed racist and very controversial. White representation of it is was negative and black representation seem to be somewhat non present yet the message seem to resonate with intriguing factors that made sense to the masses as racism was never looked at in that sense. White representation was negative yet deemed okay because of the balance of what Bigsby was. Although he was an a depiction of what Chappelle perceive as a typical “southern redneck” he was black which balanced that perception and at the same time demoralizing the image of whites being races or stereotypical towards blacks for no reason and this time a black being racist of his own kind. Chappelle somewhat laid out stereotypes as making white rednecks or southern
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whites as loving incest and scapegoating on other people, making the racist perceptions reverse. He also showed that whites were either generalized as being ignorant white people or “wanna be
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Christopher Webb - Christopher Webb CMCL 190: Introduction...

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