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final project v&d

final project v&d - Maryam Oda Communications C 104...

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Maryam Oda Communications C- 104 Professor Jennifer Cochrane April 26, 2011 Final Project: Voice of a star With over 30 million records sold, partial ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers, 17 Billboard Music Awards, nine ASCAP awards, eight Soul Train Music Awards and five Grammy Awards, R&B forerunner Usher Raymond has reached many mile stones and “moved many mountains.” His great success in the music industry can be accredited to many things, but there is no doubt that his voice and ability to articulate his words, has helped him along his journey Born in the southern state of Tennessee and further moving to Atlanta Georgia in pursuit of his music career, Usher developed a voice that managed to escape the southern accents associated with many individuals who live in that region. In spending an hour analyzing Usher’s speech rate, pitch, tone, volume, and articulation, I heard firsthand how his usage of different sounds and voice controls has helped him along the way toward becoming a successful entrepreneur and musical artist. I have been an avid fan of Usher since I was 9-years-old and while I spent a lot of my time analyzing different things about his charm, adorable smile, and his ability to inspire me with his words,
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