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Assignment on the Wiz - Christopher Webb The Wiz: Final...

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Christopher Webb The Wiz: Final Paper Assignment An Urban remake or rendition of the 1939 classical musical “The Wiz of Oz”, “The Wiz” had more than the star power of pop stars Michael Jackson and Diana Ross to amount to the hype that surrounded this film. The film also had big name stars like Comedian Richard Pryor as the Wiz, Singer Lena Horne as the good witch and Nipsey Russell as the Tinman. Coming out in 1978, right at the peak of co-star Michael Jackson who played the rendition of the scarecrow in the original “Wizard of Oz”, “The Wiz” directed by Sidney Lumet did rather average at the box office with domestic gross total of 21,049,053. Like the original plot of the 1939 film, “The Wiz” started out with Dorothy who was played by Diana Ross, in her realistic world though this time instead of Kansas, she was in New York City. A couple of other things were different in how mysteriously Dorothy wounded up in “Oz”. Surrounded by family having a dinner, Dorothy this time is not caught in a tornado but a windy blizzard after stepping out for a while which is more realistic as New York rarely has tornadoes. Like the original Dorothy whines up in a “Munchkin Land” as she kills an evil witch who is the sister of the evilest which in the land. Another witch comes along who is nicer as well this time a hustling witch who gambles. She gives Dorothy the iconic shiny slippers from the deciese wicked witch and is told to go to Wiz of Oz to be get back home. Now at this point normally you think of the wicked witch will show up like the original but Dorothy is being followed by the wicked witches servants/henchman, as the nice witch tells Dorothy to follow the yellow brick rolled as this the frequent musical number that is being song throughout the musical just like the original. This is where Dorothy hears the crows tormenting the scarecrow played by Michael Jackson. Dorothy scares away the crows who weren’t in the original and tells the scarecrow that he can come with her to see the Wiz. After finding the scarecrow the plot is like the original, find the tinman who wants a heart and
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Assignment on the Wiz - Christopher Webb The Wiz: Final...

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