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conduit metaphor - determined by semantic structure of the...

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moda Maryam Oda Michael Reddy believes that it is important to be aware of the metaphors used to describe Communication, so that we can reconstruct the way we convey our messages. This will help make it easier to understand and potentially helped break communication misunderstandings and barriers. In the English language, metaphors are used to draw comparisons between two distinct ideas and concepts. They are then presented as though they are interchangeable. In Reddy’s essay, he describes how it is nearly impossible to accurately explicate the English language because it, in and of its self, is a semantically constructed paradigm; it must be interpreted within its own frame. Because of framing, it is extremely hard for a person with a different frame to comprehend the concepts. This causes a barrier of understanding. Reddy briefly touched on this concept when Reddy stated, “Stories English speakers tell about communication are largely
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Unformatted text preview: determined by semantic structure of the language itself,” (Reddy, 165). Reddy later declared that the way we speak about communication is like that of a conduit metaphor. He speaks of it as if our ideas are formed in our head, manifested through a communication medium, and then grasped, felt, or seen by the receiver of the idea. Because ideas are intangible, we compare, metaphorically, our understanding of the concepts to tangible objects. This is similar to how we look “through,” communication. In looking through communication, we view it as though we are receiving information through a medium of sort. In the end, being aware of the metaphors used to describe communication makes us more aware of our language, and the way that our message appears to others. Being mindful of our descriptions, aids in the process of breaking language barriers with others....
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conduit metaphor - determined by semantic structure of the...

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