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Dulas - expressions within a setting or a persons movement...

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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal October 10, 2011 The difference between Avant Garde and “industry” is that Avant Garde is geared towards being innovative and experimenting for the purpose of preserving the culture of art film. The “industry” is like the evil twin brother of Avant Garde that tries to gain some popular and impressionistic credibility. The big difference is that “industry” wants to make money, by generating credibility and popularity as oppose to Avant Garde, which is all about conserving art, progressing it to be better and not watered down. Avant Garde attempted to free the cinema from the hold of existing arts and to bring back to the considerations essentials to it such as movement, rhythm and life Psychological film emerged by the use of photography and the grasp of “real life”
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Unformatted text preview: expressions within a setting or a persons movement. The Lumiere Brothers brought pictures to life by taking pictures simultaneously using cameras that set up fast moving projections. The pictures moving at a rapid pace, caused some sort of concurrent action that translated to a projection of moving objects. Some of the characteristics of Avant Garde production and distribution is that it was very minimal production and limited distribution. Production was minimal due to the incapability of capital to be made by producers due to the reluctance to make film mainstream. Distribution was limited due to capital not coming in as well, that caused the film to be specifically accommodated....
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