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final paper - C325 Field Research Project REPORT OUTLINE(25...

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C325 Field Research Project REPORT OUTLINE (25 pts.) Must be submitted in assignments (it will not be accepted any other way nor after the due date ) INTRODUCTION I. Opening statement As I young child faced with many dispositions, self-esteem issues, and feelings of inferiority to my peers, I wondered why I felt as though I was unattractive, why it appeared to me that any idea that I would put out or suggest would just get shut down, and just simply why I was so different from other children my age. It wasn’t until my mid teenage years that I realized that I had a very low self-esteem. As the second youngest child of 8, I battled with trying to fit in not only amongst my peers, but also around my brothers and sisters. Fighting for my parents’ attention, I came to believe that in order for me to receive the attention that I needed or wanted at that time, I would have to work for it. I believed that this translated to my many insecurities because I felt that if I wasn’t what my parents, siblings or friends wanted me to be, than they wouldn’t pay attention to me. It wasn’t until recently that I learned to be confident. II. Thesis statement Through my personal experience and research that I have obtained about the experiences of others, I have come to believe that confidence, self-esteem and know how to sell yourself, are all elements of a personality that can be taught, learned and reassured. III. Research question
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In my research, I sought out the answer rather or not confidence, self-esteem, and marketability can be gained, and what one would have to do in order to achieve it. IV.
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final paper - C325 Field Research Project REPORT OUTLINE(25...

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