Comm 205 notes, 08-31-2011

Comm 205 notes, 08-31-2011 - Comm Notes 205 911 colleen...

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Unformatted text preview: Comm Notes: 205 911 colleen Powell’s address about weapons of mass destruction Looking at communication *paying closer attention to what the person is saying and doing Ex:-Body language-repetition-confidence Looking through communication Ex: *Paying closer attention to the context of person is saying Invokes 9/11- people afraid-people have dedicated their and risked their lives to anti-terrorism-World leaders more likely to agree because they don’t want to look like a fool-multiple sources enhance credibility of the information -pre-imptive-the time to act is now-essential colen powell-ess-middle east has turbulante history *There is no such thing as neutral or objective communication Homework for Friday. Provide one example of a situation that seems to show people “looking through communication.” And someone looking at communications 9-12-11 Midterm is on a different day- See syllabus Conduit metaphor - we talk about communication as though were looking through it when its not possible.- Problem with looking through communication is it doesn’t describe the process as it actually occurs.- Looking at communication is the best thing you can possibly do.- You think that the real world is seen undistorted through communication Authenticity-when you portray yourself through the real world, the world can see you clearly.-throughout life, you are told to be authentic, and that the inauthentic self is not good- idea is that there is the real you inside of you, and it is your task in life to become more like that...
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2011 for the course C 205 taught by Professor Gordon during the Fall '11 term at Indiana.

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Comm 205 notes, 08-31-2011 - Comm Notes 205 911 colleen...

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