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Well cousin, I definitely appreciate you bringing up the subject. But I believe the question is not why do certain people choose to worship on Sundays, but instead, why not? I believe you are making a great point in in revealing the question in this manner, but I also believe that most people already know that the term Sabbath does refer to Saturday, which is in fact the seventh day of the week, however because of tradition and cultural exploitations, people choose to have Church services on Sunday. I believe the problem with most individuals is that we don’t worship our lord on any day. Muslim, Israelites, Christians. None of us. I believe we have to dive more into the ideology of worshiping God first, and then the rest will follow. An Increase of worship to our creator, will lead to more love for our creator in our hearts, and then will lead to us trying to seek more of an understanding of the words of God, and then finally to a clearer understanding of the truth. Thanks for opening my mind to this topic. . Love you cousin.
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