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The entry that I chose from the thesaurus was Mystic. The meaning of it is secretive or obscure. When I look at the synonyms associated with mystic, I can see that it relates to communication as a representative of someone or something that is mysterious, or unknown, which in some ways draws or attracts others to them. The curiosity of revealing the unknown factors of another person allows the foraging of bonds between each other to emerge. People become more observant and interested in the things the mystical people say or do. A good example of the way this works in communication in everyday life is in a classroom setting. Often times there are individuals who constantly talk. The more they talk, the less important the things they say
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Unformatted text preview: appear. And eventually, at times, people will tune them out. But on the other hand, when someone who rarely talks or appears different or mysterious says a word, people will be more likely to pay attention to what they say in order to get a grip of who that person is, or how their thought process is in order to help reduce some of the uncertainty or mysteriousness about them. Being mystic can work as its own magic spell of alluring! Burke believes that Ideas are w rapped in language Negative freedom-freedom from responsibility and taking responsibility Positive freedom-freedom to take part in society...
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