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rachel davidson

rachel davidson - Interview Guide Rachel Davidson Womens...

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Interview Guide Rachel Davidson: Women’s studies professor I. INTRODUCTION : Establishing Rapport A. Greeting: Hello. First I want to thank you for taking the time out to take part in this interview with me. I understand that you have a busy schedule and I am glad that you were able to pencil me in today. How are you doing? B. Purpose: I am doing this interview today in order to complete a research project that I am doing for my communications interviewing class. My topic that I chose to do both interviews over, and research on is self-betterment. The whole purpose of the topic that I chose is perfecting the self, or getting as close to the ideal self as possible. This means making ourselves more marketable, building our self-esteem, and feeling better. I plan to approach this topic from the psychological perspective, from a social perspective, and also from the perspective of someone in the health field. (I didn’t say this in my introduction, because I ended up viewing it from different perspectives.) I am interviewing you to pick your brain a little bit on this subject. C. Preview: First, if you don’t mind, can you give me a little information on how you went about choosing your particular field. (I didn’t ask this question because he is my manager and I already know what he does.) 1. Personal feelings Transition Statement(s): Interesting. How do you feel what you have learned has helped you in your career? Answer: Everything that I’ve learned all the way from elementary school has helped me in my career. II. BODY : Merge into my first real question A. Investigation Area #1: self-esteem 1. What is your definition of self-esteem?
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