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Cova Letter - My experience as a Customer Service...

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Christopher Webb 2200 W Sudbury Dr. , Bloomington, Indiana 47403 [email protected] - 812-361-9340 September 22, 2011 Christopher Webb Student American Eagle Dear American Eagle Outfitters, Being in the retail industry , I have developed highly skilled sales and marketing experienced in which I had a chance to implement innovative ideas, set up new sale strategies, integrate new programs and develop products. I feel what I have learn through all my experiences, has proved to myself and others that I am able to excel in a position with American Eagle Outfitters. With more than six years of combined experience in sales, marketing, communications, media and leadership programs, I feel that I am diverse and professionally ready. Interning with the leading real estate company in the US in Simons Mall, the experience has allowed me to develop my skills as a marketer and a professional.
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Unformatted text preview: My experience as a Customer Service representative, has provided me with legitimate customer satisfaction practices and strategies. I believe it is very important to create or establish a brand as well as secure loyal customers. The experience that I developed through Journalism, prompt me to become a better writer, a better organizational professional and a very patient analyzer. With due dates around the clock and countless interviews with sources, I have honed a craft that enables me to be on time and pay attention to detail. I addition to being in the retail and media industry, I have also took leadership roles in my community by being a mentor/counselor in non-profit organizations. I have learned what it takes to become a leader yet I always was interested in giving back and creating a new generation for others to look up to....
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