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COVER Letter

COVER Letter - 2200 W Sudbury Dr Bloomington Indiana 47403...

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2200 W Sudbury Dr., Bloomington, Indiana 47403 [email protected] - 812-361-9340 September 22, 2011 Christopher Webb 3575 Koger Blvd Atlanta, GA, 30096 Joey Brown The Campus Special, LLC Dear The Campus Special, LLC, Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, I believe growing up in the most stubborn and highly populated area in America, the New York/New Jersey metropolitan, allowed me to develop a sales drive, analytical agenda and my obsession with challenges that enabled me to become a “go getter”. Being in the retail industry period, allowed me to developed highly skilled sales and marketing experienced in which I had a chance to implement innovative ideas, set up new sale strategies and integrate new programs. With more than six years of combined experience in sales, marketing, communications, media and leadership programs, I feel that I am diverse and professionally ready. Interning with a leading real estate company in the US in Simons Mall, the experience has allowed me to develop my skills as a marketer and a professional. My experience as a Customer
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