eboard minutes. 4-4-11

eboard minutes. 4-4-11 - company. Treasurer Reports: She is...

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Presidents Report. Prepare Binders for the next incoming executive board We’re going to vote for awards at tomorrow’s meeting. Brittany Kimbrough will be taking the lead on the meeting tomorrow. Brittany Stewart will be taking the lead on the awards ceremony They will be sworn in the positions in the next meeting. Vice President Report She hasn’t heard anything from Bw’S, and she also hasn’t heard anything from noodles and
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Unformatted text preview: company. Treasurer Reports: She is going to pay the campus center the $50. Events Coordinator: She’s still working on the $500 grant. We’re going to have a media compare and contrast event, April 14 th , 4:30-6:30. Rm 409. And we are also working on the BW’s event later that night. Broadcast event 7-9 CE rm 2121 306 april 12 Next meeting is tomorrow is in Orvis....
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