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observation assignment - Maryam Oda C310, Section 29955...

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Maryam Oda C310, Section 29955 Observation Assignment 10-02-2010 Dr. Sandwina Introduction This observation took place at Chili’s restaurant on Saturday, October 2, 210. I chose this particular restaurant because I am very familiar with this location, and I know that it is a very common place for people to go on first date, or just go for hanging out purposes with their friends. With that in mind, I thought it would be an excellent place to do my observation, and answer my research question. Through many interactions with members of the opposite sex, I’ve learned that flirting, in some ways; have enabled me to sustain long, close, and very comfortable relationships with my male counterparts. I have also found that friendships with my male counterparts in which I didn’t flirt with them as much, tended to die down, and not be as interesting, nor did I feel as comfortable with them. With that observation, I’ve come to question: Does flirting increase likability, and closeness amongst male and female relationships? Background Information Time: 8:00PM- 9:00pm Location: Date: Saturday October 2, 2010 Participants: Three young men and two young women (between the ages of 19-22) Purpose: Grabbing something to eat with friends
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observation assignment - Maryam Oda C310, Section 29955...

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