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Chapter 9 bio - Chapter 9 bio Cell cycle the repeating...

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Chapter 9 bio Cell cycle – the repeating pattern of growth, genetic duplication, and division seen in most cells. Centrosome – a cellular structure that acts as an organizing center for the assembly of microtubules. Chromatid – Is one of the two identical strands of chromatin that make up a chromosome in its duplicated state. Chromatin – A molecular complex, composed of DNA and associated proteins, that makes up the chromosomes of eukaryotic organisms Chromosome – The DNA in each cell comes divided up and packaged into individual units of DNA Cytokinesis – is the physical separation of one cell into two daughter cells. Genetics – The study of physical inheritance among living things. Genome – The complete collection of an organism’s genetic information Homologous chromosomes – homologous meaning the same in size and function. Interphase – that portion of the cell cycle in which the cell simultaneously carries out its work and, in preparation for division. Duplicates its chromosomes.
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