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Chapter 11 Bio - separate in gamete formation such that...

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Chapter 11 Bio Allele – The proper name for an alternative form of a gene. Bell curve – meaning a distribution of values that is symmetrical, and largest around the average. Cross-pollinate – the plants at will, mendel could have one plant pollinate another. Dominant – a term used to designate an allele that is expressed in the heterozygous condition. Genotype – its genetic makeup Heterozygous – an organism that has differing alleles for a character. Homozygous – an organism that has two identical alleles of a gene for a given character Law of Independent Assortment – During gamete formation, gene pairs assort independently of one another. Law of Segregation –Differing traits in organisms result from two genetic elements [alleles] that
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Unformatted text preview: separate in gamete formation, such that each gamete gets only one of the two alleles. Multiple alleles – when three or more alleles of the same gene exist in a population. Phenotype –a physiological feature, bodily characteristic, or behavior of an organism. Polygenic Inheritance – The inheritance of a genetic character that is determined by the interaction of multiple genes, with each gene having a small additive effect on the character. Recessive – Is a term used to designate an allele that is not expressed in the heterozygous condition....
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