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Unformatted text preview: Name: Lab section Instructor name Date: Lab 7 Hints: 1. Read the lecture material that covers biological information before attempting to do this assignment. 2. Below is a list of the Phenotypes and Genotypes you will need for this lab. 3. You will be performing 4 genetic crosses, using the Punnett Square and reporting the number and phenotypes each cross produces in the offspring, and the gametes each parent produces. Male Parent Female Parent number trait #1 trait #2 genotype . trait #1 trait #2 genotype red tall RrTT . red tall RrTT 1 red tall RrTt . red tall RRTt 2 red tall RrTt . red tall RrTt 3 pink tall rrTt . red tall RRTt 4 pink short rrtt . red tall RrTt 5 red tall RrTt . red short Rrtt 6 smooth green SSyy . wrinkled yellow ssYY 7 smooth green Ssyy . wrinkled yellow ssYy 8 smooth green Ssyy . wrinkled green ssyy 9 smooth yellow SsYy . wrinkled yellow ssYY A Sample of how to set each of these up: Cross: Please write the number of the cross you are performing: ______________ Sex Genotype Phenotype Male SsYy Smooth/yellow Female SSYY Smooth yellow Step 1: Determine the different gamete combinations that each parent can contribute to the offspring. Hint: For example, if the female has SSYY she can contribute a SY to each of her eggs. only half of the material for each egg. The male has SsYy then he can contribute SY, Sy, sy and sY. You may have less than four combinations but never more than 4 combinations....
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Genetic_crosses_lab_7 - Name Lab section Instructor name...

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