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Name Lab Section Instructor: Lab Assignment: Diversity Follow the instructions carefully in both part 1/2 before doing the experiment. This Lab is worth 10 points which is broken down to 7 points for the Classification tree, question 1(1points) and question 2 (2 points) respectively. There are more than 1.5 million different kinds of living organisms on earth ranging from small and simple bacteria to large, complex mammals. Classification of living organisms is used by scientist to make sense of the diverse life forms on planet Earth. In this lab we will attempt to classify animals based purely on their physical characteristics or traits. Animals are placed in different groups on the basis of their similarities and differences. To start, you need to do three things: 1. You must decide what groups you intend have in your final system, 2. Organize these groups so that the small ones are found inside larger ones, 3. You must then look at each organism (in the folios of images) and decide where to put each animal. You can start by making two major groups that consists of many animals for example large animals vs small animals, each group is called a taxon in science. I would call them Taxon A; -
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lab number 5 biology - Name Lab Section Instructor: Lab...

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