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Gregory Sicard Unit 4 Prof. Levy Alice in wonderland Alice wanted to get into the pristine garden because after being in the dark hall which she wanted to get out of she saw that the garden was somewhere beautiful and safe. Alice was going through so much and she had so much faith that if she can get into the lovely garden everything would be so much better. The garden can symbolize something pristine and untouched, Alice was so close and yet so far, it was frustrating that even when she waned in size she still couldn’t get in because she forgot the key. Alice tried everything that was possible to get into the garden
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Unformatted text preview: and she was torn inside at the fact that she couldn’t get to it. The garden may symbolize something spiritual like heaven or something like it. Maybe Alice was not ready to go into that realm physically or spiritually no matter how small or how big she got it just isn’t her time to go to heaven. Alice had to shrink so it may be possible for her to get inside this garden but even that didn’t help, if she was mature enough she would have been patient and planned something out. For example she would have taken the key on the table and then drink the potion so she can have access to the garden....
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