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english 2 essay two - Citation Book Title: The Crucible....

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Citation Book Title: The Crucible. Contributors: Harold Bloom - editor. Publisher: Chelsea House. Place of Publication: Philadelphia. Publication Year: 1999. Page Number: *. Harold Bloom argues that The Crucible is based on the Witch trials of 1950 in the United States. He argued that The Crucible is a reflection of the controversy and hysteria about anti-communist controversy brought up by senator Joseph McCarthy. http://college.hmco.com/english/heath/syllabuild/iguide/miller.html Robert Martin argues Miller was questioned by the government just like John Proctor was questioned by Salem. Miller portrayed himself in the character of John Proctor because just like John Proctor refused to give names so did Miller. Contemporary Literary Criticism . Ed. Carolyn Riley and Barbara Harte. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale Research, 1974. p278-280. It took me a long time to find some sources on the book that were actually free. Every website I logged on to had critical sources but wanted to charge a onetime fee just to get some information. Also, I logged on to the Brooklyn College library and found two sources. The source that has the most information was on Robert Martin, and I think that this source will be most useful to me. The second source that I will use is the review by Robert . Gregory Sicard
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Professor Stein English two 3 march 2008 Is John Proctor truly a hero? John Proctor made the utmost sacrifice when he gave his life for something he believed in. His belief was that he was not going to sell out his friends because there was a higher authority over his head. The society he lived in was full of fear and censorship. Anything considered materialistic or related to sexual desires was considered the devils work, and this resulted in the deaths of innocent people. Robert Martin discusses the persecution of Proctor and relates it to the conviction of Arthur Miller during the “Red Scare”. Cliff notes discusses if the
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english 2 essay two - Citation Book Title: The Crucible....

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