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alice in wonderlannddd - Gregory Sicard Unit 4 ALICE IN...

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Gregory Sicard Unit 4 ALICE IN WONDERLAND Alice demonstrates a consistency of her growing up from a little girl to someone who is grown Up. The book manifests a lot of examples on which Alice goes through this transformation. Lewis Carroll did an excellent job in showing this to the readers. I personally enjoyed reading this book. There are many instances when Alice has an enigma about her identity and who she is. In an adults world this is very realistic because at times grown people are constantly asking themselves who they are and they go on a quest to figure out who they are and how they can grow. Alice acts like an adult on page 23 when the potion was presented to her. She was aware of the “potion” labeled on the bottle, and as an adult she wanted to make sure that it was safe to drink it. Alice acted like a kid by being curious about it and drinking it regardless. Alice acts like a kid by chasing the rabbit down the hole until she saw the small door which had a beautiful garden on the other side. She acted as an adult because she was willing to do what it takes to get
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