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mass media project twooooo - Gregory Sicard Professor...

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Gregory Sicard Professor Dunphy Mass Media 3/17/08 Masculine Feminine Based on the title Masculine Feminine I think that this film has to do with sexism in a society that Godard portrays. The genre of Masculine Feminine is Drama. I expect to understand what the films message is and why it is on the list of movies that should be observed and classified as good according to Professor Dunphy. I got the expectation that Masculine Feminine would be a good file because of the title and it implies men and woman in a society. I feel that the reason Professor Dunphy would put this on the list because the film would deal with issues that are going on today and the film will help us enhance our perspective on social issues. After watching the Masculine Feminine twice, my perception of the movie changed. I realized messages that I didn't notice the first time I saw the film. I felt the movie was based on socialism and the issues going on politically. Although this film was made in the sixties issues that was happening in the film are similar to political events going on now. The commentaries were outstanding, and helped me obtain my opinion about the film. I agree with the statements said in the commentary, which Godard captured on what today's life will be like back in the sixties. The commentary talks about the new Pepsi generation and how it is affecting the youth, and I strongly agree with that. The youth are consumed by products but in the end they become
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mass media project twooooo - Gregory Sicard Professor...

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