prof lambchops part 2

prof lambchops part 2 - Gregory Sicard Professor Bell Name...

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Gregory Sicard Professor Bell Name of child : Wilmy Nunez Age :12 Relationship to child : friend of the family, I saw him grow up. Describe the family background: His parents are divorced, his dad lives in Dominican republic, he lives with his mom, older brother, and newborn sister in his aunts house, its overcrowded. His mom works in my cousins clothing store, his older brother is 14 and is in the 8 th grade. I chose this child because I get along with him and he is interesting to talk to. He seems to fit the descriptions based on my project. I think that I can learn a lot from researching on him. It is really convenient because he lives a block away from my house and I can go talk to him when ever I am available. I am aware that he does not like math, he enjoys going to his English class because he likes the teacher, his other weakness is art because it is boring for him. Wilmy loves to go to gym class. His concerns are that he misses his dad and he wants to move out of his aunts house to live with his family like before. Wilmy is good for my project because he is a good kid, I know him well and I think that he is a good choice, it was instinct because he was the first kid I know that popped in my brain when the project was mentioned. He was really excited when I came to tell him the news. He is enthusiastic and that is the kind of kid I am willing to work with. Child's Name : Wilmy Nunez Researchers Name : Gregory Sicard
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Date : November 16, 2007 Time: 4:43 p.m Researcher : Please tell me a story. Child
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prof lambchops part 2 - Gregory Sicard Professor Bell Name...

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