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benchmarks!! - Gregory Sicard ACADEMIC BENCHMARKS A I will...

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Gregory Sicard ACADEMIC BENCHMARKS A. I will learn to: 1.follow a course syllabus and 2.fulfill course requirements. I learned to follow the course syllabus for my philosophy class and I fulfilled the course requirements. This class required me to download a PDF file off of the internet containing over five hundred pages. The final exam and the midterm exam are the key points to passing the class along with homework. Class participation isn't really accounted for. This class requires class participation because it may help boost my letter grade from a b minus to a b plus. I take this class twice a week which is on Tuesdays and on Fridays. The professor seems nice and is teaching the class pretty good. Every time our class meets he gives us readings to complete by the next class. this class seems fairly easy. B. I will learn techniques of Critical Inquiry: 1. to annotate text, 2.to ask questions about a text, and, 3.to summarize a text. During the summer in my critical inquiry class I have annotated a couple of books. One text that I annotated was the source book called "Freedom and Responsibility: Making the Core a Reality". This text was offered by the seek department during my summer course and it helped me learn basic annotating and question asking. I annotated most of the text and it made me understand exactly what I was reading. When I annotated I highlighted the key points and if I did not understand a word, I would highlight also and find the definition of the word. Annotating helped me stay on point with my reading and helped me find what the main idea was of each paragraph. Annotating just made it a whole lot easier for me, it became a habit to underline key points and write down evaluative, interpretive, and factual questions. C. I will use Critical Inquiry techniques in my assignments in departmental and core courses. I used critical inquiry on my seek sourcebook. My class and I read most of the passages in the text. We performed group work and made up different kinds of questions. After reading each passage I made up evaluative, interpretive, and factual questions. By learning this new
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method of reading it was more simple for me to understand what was presented before me to read. By writing down questions relevant to the text once I read the text and looked back at the questions that’s all I needed to remind me what the text was about. Using critical inquiry has save me a lot of time. D.I will develop college writing skills: 1.to write a brief, well organized essay 2. to use peer review for my editing work 3. to use academic conventions in preparing my work including footnotes and bibliography, and 4.to keep a well written journal When I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art I wrote an essay about spending the day there with my classmates. My professor helped me edit my work and it turned out good.
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