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Gregory Sicard Classical cultures 1.1 Professor Zaneteas Cruelty and Humanity In The Iliad The Iliad presents tragic events that we can recall as being cruel and malicious. Although, the irony is that the cruelty has led to diminish hate and transform it into pity which causes the soul to act towards morality. Therefore, the human soul becomes feeble, and humanity takes its role. Characters of the Iliad such as Achilleus go through the transition of acting towards hate into becoming a moral person shedding tears like an infant coming out its mother’s womb. The anger and rage of Achilleus causes the gods to have no mercy upon Agamemnon and his soldiers. Thetis took Achilleus side and cursed the Achian army. This would have been prevented if Agamemnon didn’t take away the maiden Briseis from Achilleus. The actions of Agamemnon triggered Achilleus feelings and angered Achilleus, therefore Achilleus was no
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Unformatted text preview: longer going to fight against troy and help Menelaus get back his beautiful bride, Helen of Troy. Another example of cruelty was the fact that Paris took Helen and didn’t suffer the consequences. Paris was letting his people die while he would have sex with Helen, and it was because of him that the Trojan war was going on. Paris was acting upon greed and brought bloodshed upon his people. The cruelty is that the people of Troy fought for Paris’s greed when Paris didn’t even fight for himself. It seems that Paris was the opposite of Hektor because Hektor put his neck out and fought for the actions of Paris. Hektor demonstrated the humanity side because Hektor could have fled outside of Troy but stood and fought with his people....
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