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Gregory Sicard Core 2.2 Tuesday-Thursday I read the source readings of Christopher Columbus and this letter was mainly about the interest of gold and the expansion of the people is Spain in new land. This letter mentioned settlement in new land where gold is at its abundance. The Queen of Spain was entitled to gold found by the people and there was a strict ownership and any gold found. If anyone hid any gold they would get severely punished, even the mayor or anyone in relations to the church. The people of Spain traveled to the new islands to escape paying taxes and in search of gold. A short term goal of the travelers was to build new communities with a mayor and priests in order to run the church. Anyone who lived in these new communities had to return once a week or once a month if they were in search of gold. This practice ensured that the gold seekers would come back and return with gold to give back to the Queen of
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Unformatted text preview: Spain. I read the source readings on Cortes and Montezuma and this letter is about the slaughtering of the innocent and unarmed Aztecs. Cortes and his men came to Montezuma and they were considered to be a part of destiny because it was foretold that someone like Cortes would come to the Aztec empire. The Aztecs welcomed Cortes and his men and prepared for a wonderful time together. The Aztecs were dressed in elaborate costumes and music was playing for the entertainment of Cortés’s men. Cortes lied to Montezuma and the Aztecs because he said that they have nothing to fear because they are here as friends. Cortes stabbed the Aztecs in the back and killed innocent people. They first slaughtered the dancers to the musicians and even the old people. None of the Aztec people were armed and this enraged Montezuma. The killings lasted three hours and it is described as being a horrendous sight to look at....
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