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C.C 2.2 WEEK TWO - Gregory Sicard C.C 2.2 Week Three...

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Gregory Sicard C.C 2.2 Week Three SCIENCE AND SCRIPTURE: GALILEO GALILEI In this article Galileo spoke about the Bible and mentioned contradictions and follies that were written in the Bible as being absurd. Galileo was upset because of all the fallacies that was stated in the Bible and it just brought up mass confusion to the people who laid eyes on the pages. Galileo was upset because the authors of the Bible never spoke about the heavens and the stars, or anything rather magnificent regarding any of the planets. Galileo spoke about this situation with the Bible and mentioned that great philosophers have disputed the words of the Bible for a long period of time. Galileo was one to dispute; he felt that the Bible was full of ignorance. The Bible seems to go against the reality and made people confused, if you compare nature it’s different because nature never changes its laws and everything about nature is clear and understandable.
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