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core 2.3 final - Gregory Sicard Core 2.3 Professor Mehozay...

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Gregory Sicard Core 2.3 Professor Mehozay December 15, 2008 Social Movements Social movements have greatly impacted society since the inception of laws which were established within communities. Three movements which have made a drastic change in society were the civil rights, feminist, and the gay movements. These movements were encouraged due to the unlawful acts of society towards a particular group or person. People who were victims of violation of their rights wanted a change so they sought out the best possible way to escape these social constraints. Social movements continue to occur worldwide whether it is a fight to obtain rights over gay and lesbian marriage to overcoming the detrimental effects of slavery. Social movements are a part of society that will never die because the rights of the people will always be violated and social movements stand as a means to stop and make a difference in people’s lives. The civil rights movement occurs when the rights of a person or a group is violated. An example of a civil rights movement was the Board of Education versus Brown. This civil rights movement became an issue because schools were segregated but with the unanimous court decision schools were no longer segregated and this paved the way for desegregation. The efforts of the courts decision to desegregate schools impacted the lives of the communities of African American and Latino American families. There was little justice done when it came to education of minority children but
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with the help of this civil rights movement society had to adapt to changes and accept minorities and give them the same opportunity as everyone else. The civil rights movement is here to prohibit injustice and protect the rights of the people no matter what background they originate from. Another incident which was brought up in a case but not
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core 2.3 final - Gregory Sicard Core 2.3 Professor Mehozay...

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