Journal number one speech 18.5

Journal number one speech 18.5 - other I became confused as...

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Journal number one An individual that I chose is Jessica Puglia. Jessica is very special because she is half Italian and half German. On top of these cultural differences Jessica was born in the United States. A very significant difference about Jessica is that it is difficult for her to obtain one identity since she is a part of various cultures. Jessica speaks a different language then I do. Jessica's language codes consist of English and Italian. I speak English and Spanish. The Spanish language is mostly spoken in my home with my family. Although I do speak English, my family is not fluent which created a barrier between my family and Jessica. The Spanish language is dominant in my household, so the difference in the languages my family and I speak and Jessica speaks creates an obstacle that makes it difficult for us to communicate. A situation that I encountered was when my mother was having a conversation with Jessica about wearing makeup. My mother and Jessica had difficulty understanding each
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Unformatted text preview: other. I became confused as well as I was interpreting both messages. My culture is used to talking loudly and not making many hand gestures. Jessica is Italian and her culture uses hand gestures all the time to express their messages. I realized that when I first spoke with her I felt that she was going to hit me with her strong hand gestures. Jessica found it disturbing that sometimes I speak loudly and fast. One day we had lunch at subway to eat sandwiches and I insisted for her to order first. Jessica declined it and it made me upset because I was being polite and wanted her to order first. On top of that I asked her out for lunch and I wanted to pay. When the bill came I pulled out my wallet to pay but Jessica did not want me to pay. It made me feel uncomfortable because she turned down me paying. It is normal for men of my culture to pay a bill especially if he is offering....
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Journal number one speech 18.5 - other I became confused as...

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