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journal number two speech 18.5

journal number two speech 18.5 - we were dancing that...

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Journal number two I have been friends with Jessica since last year so we became good friends. Jessica decided to invite me to her house and I accepted. I had no idea that her mother was cooking and I had previously eaten lunch at the time. When I got to her house her mother was very outgoing and greeted me with a warm hug. I was not expecting that but in my culture we are very outgoing as well. Jessica’s mother fixed a plate for me to eat, but I was not hungry and told her that I did not want to eat. I noticed that Jessica and her mother felt offended. I felt confused because of their gestures and this affected the way that we communicated the rest of the time that we were in the house. I listen to music from my country which is Bachata, and Merengue. I went to a Spanish party with Jessica and I later realized when
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Unformatted text preview: we were dancing that Jessica has no idea how to dance to the music of my culture. Although Jessica was eager to learn she felt left out because everyone else knew how to dance and she felt like she was an outcast. Jessica invited to a birthday party and she told me to be there at 8:00 pm sharp. People of my culture are polychromic so I did not show up until about 9. Jessica was upset because I was late, and I was upset because I didn’t think I was late. It is normal in my culture to show up at least an hour late. The difference here is that Jessica’s culture is based on monochronic time. This situation bothered both of us and this affected the way that we communicated the rest of the night....
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