Language gives people a chance to reveal their identity

Language gives - The Sapir-Worf hypothesis mentions that"language defines our experience" as stated in the book the hypothesis believes

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Language gives people a chance to reveal their identity. Once language helps people reveal their identity and gives them the ability to express themselves it helps people perceive reality. Language gives people a chance to understand each persons identity and who they are. For example, with language you can find out a persons age, religion, sexual orientation and so on. Language and perceiving reality relate because language gives people the opportunity to communicate and express their opinion
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Unformatted text preview: The Sapir-Worf hypothesis mentions that "language defines our experience" as stated in the book. the hypothesis believes language is a way to interact rather than a reflection of perception. the Sapir hypothesis also mentions that there is no real connection between language and perception. People of different language communities perceive reality differently and think differently...
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