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speeech 18.5 final essay - Gregory Sicard Student ID : 7285...

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Gregory Sicard Student ID : 7285 Speech 18.5 : Intercultural Communication November 2,2008 Fall 2008 Cultural Differences
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. The Spanish language is dominant in my household. I speak English but my mother and father both speak Spanish. So the difference in the languages my family speaks and Jessica speaks creates an obstacle that makes it difficult for her to communicate with my family. A situation that I encountered was when my mother was having a conversation with Jessica about wearing makeup. My mother and Jessica had difficulty understanding each other and I could see that they were both struggling. I became confused as well because I was interpreting both messages. Later that day, Jessica and my mother were trying to have another conversation while we were eating dinner. When they did not understand one another, they would look over in my direction and wait for me to interpret what they were saying. I looked at both of them looking at me and I began to start laughing. I found it funny that every time they did not understand one another they would both look at me with a blank look upon their faces. While I was laughing I saw that Jessica’s face started to turn red. I stopped laughing and realized that Jessica did not find it funny. I then translated what my mother was trying to say to Jessica. We cleaned up the table from dinner and instead of Jessica usually helping, she got up and walked into my room instead. When I went into my room and Jessica looked unhappy. I sat on the bed and started to speak to her. Jessica began to explain how she felt about the situation. She started to tell me that she felt uncomfortable due to the fact that I was laughing. She told me that she has a hard time trying to communicate as it is and my laughter instead of interpreting does not help the situation in any matter. My culture is used to talking loudly and not making many hand gestures. Jessica is Italian and her culture uses hand gestures all the time to express their messages. As she contunied to tell me what was on her mind, I realized that when she feels strongly about something her strong hand gestures really show. As our conversation got deeper, I began to express myself by speaking loudly and fast and that was when Jessica and I had a miscommunication and she thought that I was getting nasty with her. One day we had lunch at subway to eat sandwiches and I insisted for her to order first. Jessica declined it and it made me upset because I was being polite and wanted her to order first. On top of that I asked her out for lunch and I wanted to pay. When the bill came I pulled out my wallet to pay but Jessica did not want me to pay. It made me feel uncomfortable because she turned down me paying. It is normal for men of my culture to pay a bill especially if he is offering. When Jessica came to my house we ate white rice, beans, and meat. This was new to Jessica because she rarely eats this type of dish; I also served her fried plantains. Jessica loved it
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speeech 18.5 final essay - Gregory Sicard Student ID : 7285...

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