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Gregory Sicard Marble Statue of an Old Woman Roman, Julio. – Claudian period A.D 1468 Copy of a Greek work of the 2 nd century B.C During the Hellenistic Period, artists became concerned with the accurate representation of childhood, old age and even physical deformity. The range of subject matter was extended to include genre like figures from the fringes of society. Fine large scale statues of fishermen, peasants and aged courtesans became valued religious dedications sometimes placed in the park- like setting within the sanctuary of the God. Although this statue is known familiarly as the Old Market Woman it probably represents an aged courtesan on her way to a festival for Dionysos the god of wine. Her delicate sandals and the ample material in her thin, elaborately draped chiton are a far cry from the rough garb of a peasant woman. The ivy wreath on her head marks her association with Dionysos and the basket of fruit and the two chickens must be dedicatory gifts to the god or simply her own provisions for a long day of celebration. Veneration of Dionysos was wide spread during the Hellenistic period and ancient literary descriptions give an idea of extraordinary processions and festivals held in his honor. The flattened composition of the figure is typical of sculpture created in the late 2 nd century B.C. The original work may have been dedicated in a sanctuary of Dionysos. The Roman copy could have decorated a garden.
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Marble Statue of an Old Woman I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and after walking around the museum I had an idea that I would stumble into the early Roman, Hellenistic period. The piece which caught my attention was the Marble Statue of an Old Woman. This piece came from Roman, Julio.- Claudian period A.D 1468. The Marble Statue of an Old woman was produced in the Hellenistic era and this statue pertains to the Roman civilization. Many works of art that came from the Hellenistic era exaggerated the emotional intensity of art work. there were many interesting art works but the Marble Statue of an Old Woman had many characteristics which
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art paper - Gregory Sicard Marble Statue of an Old Woman...

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