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Gregory Sicard Prof. Episale March 23, 2009 Theater one The learned ladies by Moliere The play begun by someone who was dressed up as a servant that tells everyone not to have any devices on and he spoke to us as if it was part of his script because this was not said in the written play itself. When the play started there was a noise of a girl giggling. The girl who was giggling was Henriette; Henriette and Clitandre are both flirting and they hear Philaminte, Armande, and Belise approaching them. Clitandre and Henriette start running away and hide behind the kitchen maid Martine. The stage was in the middle like a thrust stage, and there were different kinds of lighting which changed colors according to the different scenes and moods of the characters. Every time that Belise, Philaminte, and Armande turn around Clitandre and Henriette try to hide or run away. The beginning of the play was made to be funny but I did not think it was funny because I felt weird about how the play was performed. In my eyes I did not like the colorful costumes because they were too bright and the way that the lighting changed colors bothered my eyes. The acting was not so great because it was dramatized more than it was supposed to and there were a lot of hand movements which distracted me as if I had a mental illness and the hands seemed very interesting when they really were not. The characters were stuck up and it just reminded me of people who live in 5 th avenue with their Mercedes and colorful mink coats who are just full of themselves. Henriette was down to earth and she is someone who seemed nice throughout the play and was not a materialistic person.
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theater one essay two - Gregory Sicard Prof. Episale March...

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