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Gregory Sicard Academic Benchmarks 1. I will employ critical inquiry techniques in my course work and be able to demonstrate how it benefits me. When I write essays I use critical inquiry when I need to put a sentence in my own words. Critical inquiry techniques helped me comprehend a text by underlining key points which are the facts. I am able to pick out the important facts from each paragraph. Critical Inquiry techniques are extremely beneficial because it is easier to understand what is being read. In high school my teachers never taught me these techniques but I realized that the reading techniques that I used were not as successful as they are now. My performance in my English exit exam was high due to the Critical inquiry techniques that I used when I took the exam. I underlined key points in the readings and annotated words that I did not understand. 2 . I will establish or join an ongoing study group for at least one of my courses.
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Unformatted text preview: I established a study group with two of my fellow classmates for my core art class. We were previously grouped together in order to speak about a presentation in the course. When it came close to midterms my two fellow classmates and I met up after class and we shared our notes. My classmates and I met at the library and occupied a study room in order to focus and get work done. This method of establishing a study group was beneficial to me and my fellow classmates. When it is time for finals I will make sure that I make a study group again in order to do well in the course. 3. I will attend tutoring for at least one course in the SEEK Tutoring Center. 4. I will examine all my syllabi and create a semester calendar. I revised all my syllabi and created a calendar of when papers are due and when I have examinations. By creating a calendar it will help me remember important dates and when a paper needs to be handed in...
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