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the house of bernarda alba

the house of bernarda alba - Gregory Sicard Professor...

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Gregory Sicard Professor Episale Theater 1 March 2, 2009 My Reflection on The House Of Bernarda Alba The plot of the play “The House of Bernarda Alba” was relevant to how life was back in the days of the Spanish revolution. Women were living in an era of inequality and this male dominance affected the way Bernarda raised her children ever since her husband died. The climax of the play is clearly present as Pepe Romano is mentioned and everyone realizes that Adela is his secret lover. Bernarda’s daughters are constrained during the whole play, which made it difficult for them to make their own choices. Nothing can be down because Bernarda always puts her foot down and cracks hers daughters with her soulless, ominous cane. The play was interesting and the issues can relate to society today. This play was interesting because it was made during the Spanish revolution and here we are in the year 2009 and we can relate to the lives of Bernarda and her daughters. There are many single women who have daughters and have to take the male role in the house. Bernarda Alba
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